All you need is love

I had an AWESOME Valentine’s Day day.  The mister did very well this year (not that he’s ever done poorly).  As posted on Instagram. 


Love him! And my new coffee travel mug was full of my favorite candy – Necco Wafers.

I wrapped Dan’s gift in white art paper and stamped it with a heart stamp I carved in linoleum. I didn’t get any pictures. Boo. I stamped the hearts in red and pink ink. And in lieu of a card, I wrote reasons I heart (I literally drew little hearts) him along he sides. I wrapped purple baker's twine around it and added a felt heart I whipped up on top. It was very cute. I really wish I had gotten pictures. Just trust me, it was cute.

After he opened his gift, I wrapped the twine around the roses he gave me. And I placed the felt heart in front of the roses.

2013 valentines day

And, of course, Doppler wanted to wish everyone a happy love day.


Hope you had a lovely day of love, too!


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