If you like it you should put your initial on it

This is what we’re making:

The finished product.  So cute!

Here’s how were going to do it!

1. Cut some fabric. Specifically, cut a pillow front, batting for behind the front fabric, (both one inch bigger than pillow form) and your initial.



2. Cut some more fabric. This time you’re cutting two panels for the back. Take the measurement of your pillow, add 7, divide by 2 = P. Cut two panels that are P x size of pillow.


3. Sew your initial down to the pillow front.


4. Sew the long edge of the back panels.


5. Now it’s time to put it all together! Lay your pillow front on a flat surface, right side facing up. Place the finished edge panel on top of the pillow front. Right side touching right side.


6. Place the second panel on the other side. Pin around the edges. The sew around the square.


7. Trim the edges to make them pretty and clip the corners as shown.

Trim down and snip your corners

8. Turn the pillow right side out. Be sure to poke the corners to they poke out. Enjoy!


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