The Mid-Atlantic Quiltfest XXIV

XXIV = 24. Just throwing that out there for all you non-Roman numeral people.

Back to the fest of quilts… The last weekend of February, quilters gathered in Hampton, VA (my hometown – holla!) to show off quilts, sell quilting paraphernalia and things that had nothing to do with quilting. So I traveled on down (over?) to my hometown. My mother joined me and together I’m pretty sure we photographed every quilt it the convention center.

There was SO MUCH to see! I was not prepared for all the things. I had been to the Blue Ridge quilt show over the summer and it was… smaller. Much, much smaller. The Mid-Atlantic quiltfest was not small in any sense of the word.

I got a lot of great quilting tools. I got a Kwik Klips (which I had been eyeing Amazon), some fabric (duh), an awesome basket (told you there non-quilt related things), and something that I had been hoping was in existence. What was I so hopeful someone else had already figured out and made? This:


The show quilts were awesome. Some (a lot) were not my cup of tea, but I appreciated the work and time and skill that went into making them. I look forward to the day I can go to Quiltcon, which is part of the modern quilt movement.

Here are a few of my favorites from the Mid-Atlantic Quiltfest.

the quilt show is hopping, y'all!!





The rest of my photos can be found here.


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