A quilt for me, by me

Of the handful of quilts I’ve made, I’ve kept none. I have plenty of ideas of quilts I want to make, but making it and keeping it are two different things. So, I waited until it felt right. Once I saw this quilt on In Color Order, I knew that was what I wanted to make and keep.

Next came the fabric selection.  The inspiration is made from vintage sheets.  And it occurred to me that *I* have vintage sheets!  They would soft and comfy, and best of all – timeless. Perfect! They didn’t all look… good together. So I added in two modern day fabrics. I dare you to try and figure out which two. 😉

The linen in the valleys is another fabric I’ve had for a while. I don’t remember where it came from, but I’m always happy to have it.

Without further ado, I give you what I have named Star V Quilt.

The Front

Quilt: Star V

Quilt: Star V - front, middle


The Back

Quilt - Star V - back

Quilt: Star V - back and bottom

My quilt holder upper. Such a good guy! 🙂

My quilt holder

I haven’t decided how to label it yet. I have a couple of labels I got from Spoonflower. Or I could just Micron pen the info on it. We’ll see. Since she lives here I can tag her whenever I want to. Nicest feeling ever.


Peace out Reader, Hellllo Bloglovin

As I’m sure everyone on the internet knows by now, Google Reader is a thing of the past. Like Google +. Wait. That’s still around. Major fail, Google. When I was searching for my new keeper of rss feeds I found Bloglovin and I love it. Super easy to use and they have an awesome app for my iPhone, unlike someone else I used to use. *coughcoughgooglecoughcough*

Anyway, now that I’m a Bloglovin convert I claimed my blog over there. Come follow me. Eventually I’ll post stuff. 🙂

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