Freezer paper shirts

Step 1 – Acquire: some shirts, freezer paper, an X-ACTO knife, tape, self-healing mat, Martha Stewart craft paint, a paint brush or foam brush, a spare piece of cardboard or on the way out the door magazine,  and an iron.


Step 2 –  Tear off a piece of freezer paper at least 2 – 3 inches larger than you intended image.  Sketch out what you want to put on the shirt onto the freezer paper.  The key to the freezer paper being your temporary stencil is to sketch your image on the paper feeling side.

Step 3 – Tape the cut out the image to a self-healing mat.  Take an X-ACTO knife to it.  You want to remove the part of the freezer paper that you want to be on your shirt.

draw and tape

Step 4 – Place your spare piece of cardboard/magazine/whatever into the shirt.  This will protect the back in case some paint seeps through.

Step 5 – Place your X-ACTO’d image where you want your image on the shirt.  Place your not too hot, no steam iron on the image.  Don’t move the iron back and forth.  Pick up and place if you have a large area.

iron freezer paper  paint that area

Step 6 – Paint!  Depending on the image and space available you can use a paint brush or a foam brush.  I prefer Martha Stewart’s craft paint.

MS paint  paint that area 1

Step 7 – Peel off the freezer paper.  Let it dry overnight.  Pull out that not too hot, no steam iron again.  Doing this sets the paint and makes the item washable.

let dry