If you like it you should put your initial on it

This is what we’re making:

The finished product.  So cute!

Here’s how were going to do it!

1. Cut some fabric. Specifically, cut a pillow front, batting for behind the front fabric, (both one inch bigger than pillow form) and your initial.



2. Cut some more fabric. This time you’re cutting two panels for the back. Take the measurement of your pillow, add 7, divide by 2 = P. Cut two panels that are P x size of pillow.


3. Sew your initial down to the pillow front.


4. Sew the long edge of the back panels.


5. Now it’s time to put it all together! Lay your pillow front on a flat surface, right side facing up. Place the finished edge panel on top of the pillow front. Right side touching right side.


6. Place the second panel on the other side. Pin around the edges. The sew around the square.


7. Trim the edges to make them pretty and clip the corners as shown.

Trim down and snip your corners

8. Turn the pillow right side out. Be sure to poke the corners to they poke out. Enjoy!


All you need is love

I had an AWESOME Valentine’s Day day.  The mister did very well this year (not that he’s ever done poorly).  As posted on Instagram. 


Love him! And my new coffee travel mug was full of my favorite candy – Necco Wafers.

I wrapped Dan’s gift in white art paper and stamped it with a heart stamp I carved in linoleum. I didn’t get any pictures. Boo. I stamped the hearts in red and pink ink. And in lieu of a card, I wrote reasons I heart (I literally drew little hearts) him along he sides. I wrapped purple baker's twine around it and added a felt heart I whipped up on top. It was very cute. I really wish I had gotten pictures. Just trust me, it was cute.

After he opened his gift, I wrapped the twine around the roses he gave me. And I placed the felt heart in front of the roses.

2013 valentines day

And, of course, Doppler wanted to wish everyone a happy love day.


Hope you had a lovely day of love, too!

Saturday Plans

Saturday. A free day to do whatevs. What tasks are on tap for this Saturday?

• finish sewing pillow covers for Winter of 2013 Couch Revamp
• take pictures of process so can blog instructions
• finish valentine wreath for front door
• quilt pinwheels and chevron lap quilt
• make binding for above quilt
• maybe sew binding on and then hand stitch finished
• if time allows (hahaha) make little snap pouch for makeup bag to hold earrings

As I write this, I sincerely hope I will finish all the things on the list. In one day. Pretty sure the bottom half will turn into Sunday’s list.

What are you up to this weekend?


Quilt Shop Adventure

This past weekend the mister and I were in Richmond. After brunch with friends Sunday we hit up Quilting Adventures at Willow Lawn.

When I moved to Richmond, I was crafty but I only dreamed of sewing. So, while I loved Joann Fabrics and Hancock, quilt shops weren’t really on my radar. I knew QA was there, but it didn’t seem like a place I needed to visit. I so wish I hadn’t listened to myself. I can only imagine a trip to QA would have turned me onto quilting earlier.

The store is very well organized, very well stocked and the staff is sooo friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. QA has fabrics I’ve only seen online (and drooled over). They have Japanese fabrics, kid fabrics, Kona solids, flannels, reproductions, the latest quilting fabrics, notions and supplies and patterns. There were quilt samples and their patterns on display. There were precut kits and patterns for purses and other small projects. They had zippers and batting and all the fat quarters you could ever want. Each section of fabric had its own corresponding fat quarter supply. It’s how a quilt shop should be laid out, in my opinion.

Can you tell I really liked the place? Not sure that was coming through.

Not only do they have all these awesome things, but they have a good sized class area in the back. And a customer loyalty program. And rewards for not using plastic bags.

So, let’s get to the goods.  I picked up a bunch of fat quarters and a Micron pen.  I look forward to going back next time I’m in RVA.



QAkiddoset QArolledup



On your marks, get set, go!

Many of you know my previous blog Irregardless Love. It was my first blog. I started the blog when I was a single lady, living in Hampton, and trying to figure out what was next. I loved that space and learned a lot of things. But lately, I haven’t felt very inspired. I felt drained and just logging on felt like chore. I needed a break.

Recently, a Twitter friend started a blog and I was super inspired to blog. But I still didn’t want to log on to IL. That’s when I realized that what I needed was a fresh start. I needed a new space that represents who I am now. I am no longer the single, workaholic, no hobbies, nobody talk to me, living in 500 sq feet person I was. I am now an engaged to be married, dog mother, sewing/quilting/crafty hobby having, living in a two-story townhouse, balanced person. I can’t expect the new me to fit in the same space. So now I have my new space and I am looking forward to what is to come. Prepositions and all.

Welcome to Lady of Cardigan! I look forward to filling this space with all the things I’ve got going on in my life.

love wreath