Sewn and Seen

Here are some things I’ve made with my own two hands. And machines, and hot glue, and thread, and things. Some of it I’ll blog about, some of it I’ll just post pictures.


Round the Christmas Tree

Tech Effect
Autumn / Virginia Tech Throw Quilt

Two holidays, one table runner!
the ultimate holiday reversible table runner. I foresee me making a lot more of these.


photo.JPG I may have gotten a little glue gun crazy. just got an email about how to make a yarn wreath. really, internets?! really?! A little bit closer now some tiny umbrellas perhaps? halloween wreath Fall 2011 Wreath summer wreath A Wreath's History


The finished product.  So cute!
Monogrammed pillows

super cute and a pain in the ass to make. #craftynicole The work apron Boom! Orange apron is finished. I love it! #craftynicole the red collection cutest lunch bags ever!!! eryn's pillow case sweet pea vintage pillow cases are done. love them! flat bottom tote cutest curtains ever! @burntcreative my friend ask me to make her a pillow cover so a pillow cover I made. eh, got one knocked out before the sleepiness kicked in. photo.JPG so long and thanks for all the fish #teal #allthetime one down, so many to go... #isew #craftynicole our table now has a runner Untitled BeFunky Original on iPhone BeFunky Original on iPhone possibly my cutest set yet! boy bibs boy burpies photo.JPG photo.JPG pretty, flowery pillows! i made a flower pin for st. patty's day fabric bowl photo.JPG

Mug Rugs

Art Deco
art deco mug rug details

Bright and Cheery
had to finish one last thing before I call the weekend over. recognize the middle scrap, @linzyszechenyi?

pieced, stitched in the ditched, bound, done! four more to go! #craftynicole

Freezer Paper Painting and Other Craftiness

photo.JPG I think I have enough to get crafty. #trashyturnscrafty Finished and hung! #madeoftolietpaperrolls #craftytrash recycled crayons Heart garland. #lovelove pink and dirty Untitled #craftynicole #stepbystep


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