Cabbage Patch Quilt

I don’t know what it is about this quilt that reminds me of the Cabbage Patch Kids, but here we are. I love all these fabrics.  That was the last of my purple polka dots, it was a small bit I picked up from the remnants bin.  Last of my pink polka dot, too.   The green fabric is one of the first fabrics I purchased ages ago, like before I even had a sewing machine.

baby girl q 2012 front baby girl q 2013 back

That back fabric is one of my favorites.  I have two yards of it left.  I may never cut into it again.  Ha!  Fabric hoarders unite!

Pieced and quilted by: Me
Size: 38 square
Batting: Quilter’s Dream Batting, Dream Cotton


A quilt for me, by me

Of the handful of quilts I’ve made, I’ve kept none. I have plenty of ideas of quilts I want to make, but making it and keeping it are two different things. So, I waited until it felt right. Once I saw this quilt on In Color Order, I knew that was what I wanted to make and keep.

Next came the fabric selection.  The inspiration is made from vintage sheets.  And it occurred to me that *I* have vintage sheets!  They would soft and comfy, and best of all – timeless. Perfect! They didn’t all look… good together. So I added in two modern day fabrics. I dare you to try and figure out which two. 😉

The linen in the valleys is another fabric I’ve had for a while. I don’t remember where it came from, but I’m always happy to have it.

Without further ado, I give you what I have named Star V Quilt.

The Front

Quilt: Star V

Quilt: Star V - front, middle


The Back

Quilt - Star V - back

Quilt: Star V - back and bottom

My quilt holder upper. Such a good guy! 🙂

My quilt holder

I haven’t decided how to label it yet. I have a couple of labels I got from Spoonflower. Or I could just Micron pen the info on it. We’ll see. Since she lives here I can tag her whenever I want to. Nicest feeling ever.

Row 1, Column A

As most quilt plans do, this one started with a spreadsheet.

sometimes you gotta excel it before you piece it. #craftynicole #vatech

I knew had a jelly roll (heyo!) of maroon and orange. I knew I didn’t want to recreate the wheel and wanted to leave them in their pre-cut state. That left me a couple of options. I went with a brick like effect.

after dinner, it is on like David Wilson on a rabbit. #vatech

So, I unrolled the jelly goodness and got to counting. I had just enough of each color to alternate colors and make the size lap quilt I was aiming for. Perfect! I got to piecing.

6 more to go... #vatech #craftynicole

Then I put the columns together. It went pretty by quickly after that.

half way there! well, for this part...

Did I mention that the mister even helped piece a section? He totally did! This is the Pieced by Dan section*…

p.s. @wxdan pieced this section. !!!

I had picked up a decent sized creamy white remnant when I picked up my other supplies. I laid the quilt sandwich out on my bed. This is the only large space that was not occupied by a certain furry puppy. I used Dream Green. It’s made of recycled bottles, that’s awesome. Yay saving the Earth!

even when I'm picking out quilting materials I'm thinking of the environment. this batting is made of recycled bottles! #gettrashy

Coming Soon: Basting

After I unkinked my back (oy!) I got to the actual quilting part. I still had my old machine at the time and wasn’t sure how much it was going to let me do with all that thickness so I figured basic was best. I liked the idea of through the rectangles so it appeared to be patchwork. Not too shabby, for my first machine quilting (the first quilt I made got hand-tied). You can’t really tell on the front, but I alternated the lines with maroon and orange. It looks pretty cool on the creamy back.

Autumn / Virginia Tech Throw Quilt

And of course Doppler had to test it out. He approved.


*This was a gift for his mom, that’s why he helped. He’s not suddenly becoming Mister Martha.

Pinwheels and something

Pinwheels and chevron? Pinwheels and zig zags? Round the Christmas Tree? Yeah, that sounds good.

Here is the making of Round the Christmas Tree.

hopefully the end result won't be as sloppy as my terrible sketch.

not bad for a couple hours of work on this lazy Sunday.


quilting for the first time on the new machine!


And the final product…


I cannot even explain how happy I am with this lap quilt. It finished to 40 x 49. The perfect size for the person it is for. And I hope she loves it… when she gets it next month. That’s right, I’m not sending it to her until after my April quilt guild meeting. I can’t not take it for show and tell! 😉